Ant and Termite Fossils Indicate Advanced Sociality 100 Million Years Ago


Insects that are “eusocial” live in colonies with closely related nestmates and display social behavior, including a division of labor. The best-known examples are honey bees, termites, and ants. All eusocial insects display the following three traits: 1) They cooperate while caring for their young, 2) there is a division of labor among different castes […]

Extreme Temperatures During Shipping Can Affect Honey Bee Queens’ Reproductive Abilities


Many beekeepers order honey bee queens from breeders, who ship them to the beekeepers by mail. According to an article in the journal PLOS One, high temperatures during shipping and elevated pathogen levels may be contributing to honey bee queens failing faster today than they did in the past. “Either stress individually or in combination […]

JIPM Article on Masked Chafer Grubs in Turfgrass Explains Management Techniques


By Leslie Mertz Anyone who has tended a lawn is probably very familiar with white grubs. They are the fat, cream-colored, brown-headed larvae that can grow up to an inch long, and are usually discovered in the soil lying on their sides rather inertly and curled into a C-shape. Several species of scarab beetles have […]

Here’s How a Journal Article on Mosquito Repellents Went Viral


By Josh Lancette Stacy Rodriguez, a researcher in Dr. Immo Hansen’s lab at New Mexico State University, became somewhat famous in November 2015, at least for a few days. Stacy is the first author on a paper that was published in the Journal of Insect Science that tested the effectiveness of different mosquito repellents. The […]

Good News for the Western Bumble Bee, Bombus occidentalis


By Harvey Black Bombus occidentalis used to be the most common bumble bee species in the Pacific Northwest, but in the mid 1990s it became one of the rarest. The reason or reasons for the species decline remain unsolved, but one possibility points to a fungal pathogen known as Nosema bombi. Whatever the causes were […]

This Artificial Diet May Make Insect Rearing Easier


By Richard Levine If you want to do lab research on insects, you need to be able to keep them alive, sometimes for many generations. That means you need to know how and what to feed them, even if it means giving blood to bed bugs. Many moths in the family Noctuidae are subjects of […]

Different Insect Species Use Different Chemicals to Identify Queens


For years it was thought that ants, wasps, and other eusocial insects used a common class of chemical compounds to distinguish queens from workers and other members of their colonies or hives. However, new research shows that these chemical signals are very different, even between closely related species. “These chemical signatures are incredibly important, because […]

Bed Bug Genome Map May Provide Clues for Controlling Them


An international research team has successfully mapped the genome of the bed bug (Cimex lectularius) to get a better understanding of its genetic makeup. The findings — by researchers from 36 institutions — have been published in the journal Nature Communications. The genome is sort of like the bed bug’s blueprint. Now that the scientists […]

A Clip-on Repellent Device Offers Protection Against Aedes aegypti Mosquitoes


By Josh Lancette With public concern about the Zika virus growing daily, people are looking for effective ways to prevent mosquito bites, and now there’s some good news for the concerned public. According to an article in the Journal of Medical Entomology, a product called the OFF!® Clip-On™ repellent device could be an effective tool […]

JIPM Article on Mexican Bean Beetles Offers Tips on Controlling These Crop-Damaging Pests


By Leslie Mertz The Mexican bean beetle (Epilachna varivestis) has flown under the research radar too long, despite the fact that it has been ravaging U.S. crops for almost a century, according to Louis Nottingham, lead author of a newly published article in the Journal of Integrated Pest Management. The article shines a light on […]


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