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Study Sheds Light on Origins of Unique Silkworm Strain

Dubbed a "living fossil" by researchers, the Yao silkworm has been domesticated in virtual isolation for a millennium by the Baiku Yao ethnic group in China. New genetic research on the strain finds that the Yao silkworm is a primitive form of the domestic silkworm species Bombyx mori and more distantly related to other wild silkworm species.

Cryptic species of Ormyrus labotus

Hidden Diversity: When One Wasp Species is Actually 16

A tiny parasitoid wasp species, long considered a generalist with more than 65 different host species, is revealed in a new study to actually comprise at least 16 different species, identical in appearance but genetically distinct.

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science-communication strategy

Successful Science Communication Starts With a Strategy

No matter the setting, communicating about science requires an understanding of both your audience and your goal and adapting your message and approach accordingly. Here's a simple framework for creating your science-communication strategy.

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Less Than 10% of Mosquito Species Spread Human Disease

A new study examining the associations between mosquito species and the germs they carry finds just 9.3 percent of species transmit human disease-causing pathogens—but those associations are strong and likely resilient to the removal of individual species from the vector network.   

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ICE 2016 expo hall

The International Congress of Entomology: 112 Years and Counting

Since 1910, the quadrennial International Congress of Entomology has provided a forum for advancing the frontiers of entomological research and a stage for facilitating collaboration, resolving differences, and promoting camaraderie in a scientific community that has become large, diverse, and broadly dispersed. On the eve of the XXVI ICE in Helsinki, learn about the origins of the global conference that brings the world's entomology community together.

western cherry fruit fly (Rhagoletis indifferens)

Organic Coating Gives Cherries a Chance to Fend Off Fruit Flies

With an organic, food-grade coating sprayed on cherries in the orchard, western cherry fruit flies have difficulty gripping the fruit surface to lay eggs. Ongoing research is fine-tuning the coating formulation in hopes of creating a new tool for integrated pest management in cherries.

hazelnut-feeding weevil species

Saving Nutella: New Guide Details IPM for Weevil Pests in Hazelnut

Hazelnut production is on the rise around the world, and weevils in the genus Curculio are among the crop's most damaging insect pests. A new guide in the Journal of Integrated Pest Management outlines biology and management strategies for four key hazelnut-feeding weevil species and avenues for future research.