Cicada Killer Wasps have Emerged

During the last few weeks, depending on region, large wasps known as cicada killers have been spotted. These aptly named wasps prey on cicadas; the female stings and paralyzes a cicada and brings it to her lair, where she deposits an egg on it. When the egg hatches, the larva feeds on the cicada carcass.

Although they may look intimidating, these wasps are mainly harmless. The males are unable to sting, and the females are rarely aggressive towards people or animals.

This short video shows a wasp in action:

Some recent news reports about cicada killer wasps include:
Cicada killer wasps make presence known
Dig this: Cicada killer wasps are big yet harmless

More information:
Cicada Killer Wasps (University of Kentucky)
Cicada Killer Wasps (North Carolina State University)
Biology of Cicada Killer Wasps (Lafayette College)

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