Oklahoma City Invaded by Crickets

Two days ago we wrote about Daniel Emlyn-Jones, a British man who was so enamored with the sounds of crickets that he let 1,000 of them loose in his backyard, only to be told by the authorities that he wasn’t allowed to do so because they were not a native species.

But if Mr. Emlyn-Jones really wants to hear a cricket chorus, he may want to consider a quick trip to Oklahoma City, where the locals are being swarmed by the insects.

According to a downtown shop owner who spoke to a local TV news station, “It’s basically just an infestation of crickets. Everywhere, literally everywhere.”

Another had a similar experience. “Well, they were just all over the front door and so I was trying to unlock the door and get in and turn off the alarm and I was just trying to hop around to get away from them,” he said.

The video below shows the cricket invasion:

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  1. Grown men creeped out by crickets? It really is the end if days!

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