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Funny Friday: Entomologists Making Fun of Themselves in Videos

Just like any almost every other group of individuals, entomologists are often stereotyped. But it is hard to deny that they have a sense of humor, which is often self-deprecating as they poke fun at their own interests, occupations and the very stereotypes associated with them.

This video by Jessica Hartshorn, a graduate student at the University of Arkansas, is a good example as it “attempts to explain the mechanisms behind the behavior of a typical entomoloy graduate student.” Her video was recently submitted to the 2013 ESA YouTube Your Entomology contest:

Another video that exemplifies the genre parodies the “I am a Canadian” beer commercial from Molson. The video, by Iowa State University Assistant Professor Matthew O’Neal, instead shows a teacher in class who proclaims, “I AM AN ENTOMOLOGIST!”

Finally, this video by Heather Wilson, a graduate student at the University of California, parodies the song “Billionaire” by Bruno Mars in order to illustrate the aspirations of a future entomologist. Besides being an entomologist someday, her chances of being a singer are looking pretty damned good as well:

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