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Baby Spiders are Flying Across Northern Texas

Recent news reports have been surfacing about silky strings floating through the air of northern Texas. As it turns out, the strings are the products of young, migrating spiders that are “ballooning” to find new homes.

“There’s some that produce a ball like a balloon, and there’s some they call tent spiders because they create almost like a triangle,” according to Texas A&M Agrilife horticulturist Patrick Dickinson, who also pointed out that the spiders are harmless. “They’re going to be feeding on the bad insects that we don’t want. These are the good guys.”

According to Tim Bryce with the Dallas Zoo, “It’s fairly common this time of year to have little spiderlings emerge and send out little strands of silk from their abdomens. Once they’re high enough, they catch in the breeze and it blows these little spiders like little balloons away to another area to help disperse them so they’re not having competition with each other in a small area.”

Click here for a news video from a local Dallas TV station.

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