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Cockroach Farms Catching on in China

In August, we read media reports about a million cockroaches escaping from a Chinese farm.

Now an article in the Los Angeles Times reports that cockroach farming may be more widespread than previously thought. According to the article, there are more than 100 cockroach farms in China. The species of choice is the American cockroach, Periplaneta americana, which is ground up into powder and used for traditional Chinese medicine. Some farmers also sell them as food or animal feed.

The following video shows footage of a Chinese cockroach farm:

And the following video shows a news report about the great cockroach escape last August:

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  1. Help, in the context of composting all organics in Vermont trash and rubbish the concept of composting high protein food wastes seems like we are missing a set by not utilizing another protein crop that could be raised for animal feed via cockroaches and farming facilities. Is there anyone out there doing this?

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