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Truck Carrying Millions of Bees Crashes on Georgia Highway

While honey bees are prized for the product they make — honey — they are even more valuable as pollinators. Unlike other bees, honey bees can be domesticated and raised on farms, and they can be transported to other areas where and when they are needed.

That means that a beekeeper in Ohio, for example, can get a pollination request from a nut or fruit tree grower in California. When that happens, the beekeeper loads his hives onto a truck and ships them hundreds or even thousands of miles.

Two days ago, this didn’t turn out so well when a truck carrying millions of bees crashed on a Georgia highway, as you can see in the BBC video below:

“It looked like there was a rain cloud around everybody,” Monroe County Emergency Management Agency director Matthew Perry told Reuters. “There was a giant mound of honeycomb and bees.”

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