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Videos from Entomological Society of America Meetings

ESA staff are either in Austin or are on their way, as are many meeting attendees who plan to get there early to attend the annual meeting of the Entomological Collections Network and the Austin Insect Rodeo Expo, both of which take place on Saturday.

So today’s post will feature videos from past meetings, and they’re meant especially for new members and students who have never attended an ESA meeting.

First, in order to show you the incredible diversity among the thousands of attendees, check out this video from the Bug Chicks, who asked people at last year’s meeting to describe entomology using just one word:

Next, take a look at this video from 2012, in which attendees talk about their favorite parts of the meeting:

Finally, the following video shows footage from the 2010 Exhibit Hall. This year there will be more than 50 exhibitors, and the Welcome Reception on Sunday will be held in the hall:

If you want to see even more videos, try the following:

2012 Annual Meeting Videos

2011 Annual Meeting Videos

2010 Annual Meeting Videos

2009 Annual Meeting Videos

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  1. Hello All, I am already in Chicago to connect Austin for the ESA 2013 meeting. I am attending from Nigeria.

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