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Photos from the Austin Insect Rodeo Expo

The Austin Insect Rodeo Expo at the Bullock Texas State History Museum was held today, and more than 1,200 visitors came to see Termite NASCAR, Maggot Art, an Insect Petting Zoo, and others activities.

Gwen Pearson, the entomologist formerly known as Bug Girl, will be blogging about it later today, but in the meantime, here are a few photos (below), and for even more photos, visit the Entomological Foundation’s Facebook page.

Here’s Gwen. She ditched the secret identity, but she’s back in costume:

Shots from the the Maggot Art table:

Shots from the Insect Petting Zoo:

These girls are learning to use and to build their own aspirators, also known as Bug Suckers:

UPDATE: Click here for more photos from the Entomological Foundation.

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