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What if We Fit Thousands of Mosquitoes with Tiny Sensors?

A post from last week called “Australia Fits Thousands of Bees with Sensors to Monitor the Environment” described a project where as many as 5,000 bees were being fitted with mini-sensors in order to track their movement and their relationship to the environment.

Cameron Webb

Now Dr. Cameron Webb, a blogger and medical entomologist at the University of Sydney, speculates on what a future project using mosquitoes might look like, if it ever were to happen, in a post called “What Could Radio-tracking Mosquitoes Tell Us?”

Some of the things we might learn are:

– How far do mosquitoes fly?

– Where do mosquitoes lay eggs?

– How do mosquitoes hunt down blood?

– In which bedrooms do mosquitoes bite?

– Where do mosquitoes take a nap?

– What do male mosquitoes do?

Click here to read his blog post, “What Could Radio-tracking Mosquitoes Tell Us?”

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