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The 2016 International Congress of Entomology Calls for Symposium Ideas

The organizers of ICE 2016, the XXV International Congress of Entomology, invite members of the global community of insect scientists to submit ideas for symposia for the 2016 meeting, which will take place September 25-30 in Orlando, Florida.

Each symposium at ICE 2016 will be 3-4 hours in length and will feature 15-minute presentations related to the symposium topic.

Each symposium will be assigned to one of the 30 identified scientific sections, which range from acarology to urban entomology.

The deadline for submissions is March 2, 2015.

Click here to submit a symposium idea for the 2016 International Congress of Entomology.

“The XXV Congress, with the theme ‘Entomology Without Borders,’ will provide a great opportunity to discuss and learn about recent advances in the science of entomology, and to establish contacts and collaborations among entomologists from different parts of the world,” said Dr. Hari C. Sharma, Chairman of the Council of the International Congresses of Entomology.

“We invite you to participate in the largest scientific meeting in the history of entomology, with an expected attendance of more than 6,000 individuals,” said ICE 2016 Organizing Committee Co-Chairs Dr. Alvin Simmons and Dr. Walter Leal. “Opportunities for meeting key entomologists, making valuable connections, and for building long-term relationships will be an integral part of this important event.”

The International Congress of Entomology, which takes place once every four years, will be even more special in 2016 as it is co-located with the annual meetings of the Entomological Society of America, the Entomological Society of Canada, and the Florida Entomological Society.

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