Mexican Spider Uses Dirt for Camouflage

Scientists have discovered a new species of spider from Mexico that possesses unique camouflaging abilities. The new species belongs to the enigmatic family Paratropididae and is described in the journal ZooKeys. Like all species from this family, the new species — Paratropis tuxtlensis — encrusts its entire body with soil particles. The encrusted soil on […]

Newly Discovered Appalachian Moth Named after Cherokee Chief

A new species of moth discovered in the Appalachian Mountains has been named after Attakullakulla, a Cherokee chief who lived in the region in the 1700s. The new species, Cherokeea attakullakulla, is described in a special issue of the journal ZooKeys. In 1958 a professor from Cornell University, Dr. John G. Franclemont, was studying some […]

Building Memes Can Help You as an Entomology Blogger

By Joe Ballenger A meme is an idea that is quickly spread around the Internet by people sharing information. In practice, this can consist of virtually anything you could imagine. Words, poems, short speeches, pictures, and virtually anything that can be shared quickly and easily on platforms like Facebook or Twitter. The basic idea behind […]

Monarch Butterflies Use a Magnetic Compass During Migration

Each fall millions of monarch butterflies use a sophisticated navigation system to traverse 2,000 miles from breeding sites across the United States to an overwintering habitat in specific groves of fir trees in central Mexico. Now scientists at the University of Massachusetts Medical School and Worcester Polytechnic Institute have reported in Nature Communications that monarchs […]

Entomologists Support Specimen Collections as Vital Component of Research

In April, 2014 an article called “Avoiding (Re)extinction” was published in Science magazine that said that collecting biological could “magnify the extinction risk” for some species, and that alternatives such as “high-resolution photography, audio recording, and non-lethal sampling” could be used instead. The article drew quite a response, as more than 60 international research institutions […]