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Entomology 2014 is Just Four Months Away

Entomology 2014, the 62nd Annual Meeting of the Entomological Society of America (ESA), is less than four months away. ESA meetings typically have more than 3,000 attendees, which is probably the largest gathering of insect scientists anywhere in the world.

In order to get ready for the meeting, they’ve made a couple of videos that parody the Dos Equis “Most Interesting Man in the World” commercials — these instead feature the Most Interesting Entomologist in the World:

The meeting will be co-chaired by Sue Blodgett and Melody Keena, who talk about Entomology 2014 and the city of Portland in the following video:

Entomology 2014 will be held in Portland, OR, November 16-19, 2014. The theme is “Grand Challenges Beyond Our Horizons,” and as 2014 ESA President Frank Zalom wrote in his welcome message, “This year, ESA will be launching an effort to maximize the contribution of entomology to improving the human condition by establishing a global grand challenge initiative.”

The meeting will feature 95 different symposia, with thousands of presentations.

In addition, there will be an awards ceremony, with a lecture by Dr. Fred Gould on the late entomologist Dr. Robert L. Rabb, a professor at North Carolina State University and a pioneer and visionary in developing ecologically sound approaches to insect pest management, well before the Integrated Pest Management paradigm was formulated.

The meeting will also have lots of social events, tours, the Linnaean Games, a student reception, an Insect Photo Salon — submit your photos now, if you haven’t already — and much more.

Registration is open now, and the last day for the discounted early-bird rate is September 22, 2014.

If you’ve never been to an ESA meeting before and want to get an idea of what they are like, click here for links to photos, videos, programs, and more from previous meetings.

We hope to see you in Portland this November!

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