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Figs. 3–8. (3) Male (left) and female (right) pantropical huntsman spiders, H. venatoria (Sparassidae). Identifying featureÑwhite
“moustache” on clypeus, male with characteristic markings. Spiders were dead when posed (photo by R. Vetter).
(4) Female redfaced banana spider, C. chiapanensis (Ctenidae). Identifying featureÑbright red setae on basal 3/4ths of
chelicerae (photo by R. Vetter). (5) Female spotlegged banana spider, C. getazi (Ctenidae). Identifying featureÑblack spots
on white background on all ventral femora. Spider was dead when posed (photo by R. Vetter). (6) Redlegged banana spider,
C. coccineus (Ctenidae). Identifying featureÑred setae on ventral femora of front legs (courtesy of J. Warfel). (7) Female
P. boliviensis (Ctenidae). Note: coloration of red cheliceral hairs is diffused. Spider was deadwhenposed (photo by R. Vetter).
(8) Hapalopus sp. (Theraphosidae). Spider was dead when posed (photo by R. Vetter).

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