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Photos and Videos from Entomology 2014 in Portland, OR

The North Carolina State University Linnaean Games team, winners of the 2014 Linnaean Games at Entomology 2014 in Portland, OR.

Entomology 2014, the 62nd Annual Meeting of the Entomological Society of America (ESA), ended last night.

So far 17 videos have been posted to the ESA YouTube Channel, and more are on the way. Click here for Entomology 2014 videos.

The University of Florida and North Carolina State University appeared in the Linnaean Games Finals, in a game that was decided by the very last question. These two teams also faced each other in the finals of the Southeastern Branch Linnaean Games earlier this year, and that round also came down to the last question. Click here for the 2014 Linnaean Games Finals.

Photos of award winners from the opening Plenary Session and from the Student Awards Session have been posted to the ESA Facebook page. More will be posted later from the Closing Session, when Dr. Phil Mulder, Oklahoma State University, began his term as 2015 ESA President.

Be sure to check the Entomology Today blog in the next few days for an upcoming video showing Dr. May Berenbaum, ESA’s 2015 Vice President and recent winner of the National Medal of Science, as she receives a cockroach that was named after her by Dominic Evangelista, an entomology graduate student from Rutgers University.

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