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New Predaceous Diving Beetle Named after Pinocchio

Beetles in the family Dytiscidae are known as predaceous diving beetles. According to the Centre for Australian National Biodiversity Research, they are all aquatic and both adults and larvae are known to attack a wide variety of aquatic organisms.

Twenty-three new species in the genus Exocelina were recently discovered in New Guinea, and they’ve been described in an article appearing in the journal ZooKeys.

All of the species except one were associated with running water, but they avoid the currents and seem to prefer puddles at the edges of streams and creeks, as well as holes in rocks that are filled with water.

While most of the new species were named after the locations where they were found, one of them — Exocelina pinocchio — was named after the Disney character Pinocchio “because the apex of its median lobe has a prolongation like a ‘nose.'”

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Description of 23 new species of the Exocelina ekari-group from New Guinea, with a key to all representatives of the species group (Coleoptera, Dytiscidae, Copelatinae)

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