The Case of the Mysterious Mesosa Longicorn Beetle


By Bekka Brodie It was a beautiful, sleek, black beetle with long antennae. Immediately, I knew it was different than any other longicorn beetle I had seen, but its identity eluded me. Solving mysteries may be “elementary” for Sherlock Holmes, but for entomologists, trying to identify an unknown insect requires more than careful examination of trace […]

Four Cases of Human Plague Confirmed in New Mexico


Versión Española The New Mexico Department of Health recently announced a laboratory-confirmed case of plague in a 73-year-old woman from Santa Fe County. The case was confirmed at the Department of Health’s Scientific Laboratory Division. This is the fourth human case of plague in New Mexico this year and the second in Santa Fe County. […]

Dirt and Bugs: Four-letter Words that Go Together


By Randall Southard, Edwin Lewis, Daniel Hirmas, and Rufus Isaacs The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations has designated 2015 as the International Year of Soils. In addition, the Entomological Society of America’s 2015 Annual Meeting will be held in conjunction with the annual meeting of the Soil Science Society of America and […]

Eleven New Digger Wasp Species Discovered in Australia


After being mostly neglected for more than a hundred years, a group of digger wasps from Australia has been given a major overhaul in terms of species descriptions and identification methods. This approach has led to an almost 50% rise in the number of recognized species of these wasps on the continent. The study was […]

Open-access Article Offers Horse Owners Advice on How to Control Flies with Parasitoid Wasps


By Leslie Mertz Horses need help when it comes to insect pests, particularly the house flies and stable flies that can be a near-constant source of annoyance and even disease. Unfortunately, horse farm managers and horse owners are in the dark about how best to tackle the issue because the research just hasn’t been done, […]

New Resource Will Help Growers Manage the Olive Fruit Fly


A new, open-access article in the Journal of Integrated Pest Management aims to support California olive producers with an overview of the olive fruit fly (Bactrocera oleae), which has become the key pest of olives since its introduction in 1998. The author, Victoria Y. Yokoyama of the USDA-ARS, describes the biology and life history of […]

Trichogramma Wasps Used as Biocontrol Agents in the Greater Mekong Region


Wasps in the genus Trichogramma are tiny beneficial wasps that feed on the eggs of several insect pests. To help rice farmers in the Greater Mekong Region, a project was launched in 2011 to promote the establishment of Trichogramma mass-production facilities and affordable and practical pest control methods. Rice is culture and a way of […]

Wildlife Photographer Finds Termites Nesting in His Camera


Wildlife photographer Jeff Cremer got a big surprise recently when he checked a camera trap that he had left in the Amazon jungle to film rare animals. When he got to the camera he saw that a colony of termites were nesting inside and around it, destroying it in the process. “At first I thought […]

Four New Bee Species Discovered in Australia


Four new native bee species have been recognized as part of the largest Australian nature discovery project, called “Bush Blitz.” The South Australian bee specialists used molecular and morphological evidence to prove them as new. Three of the species had narrow heads and long mouth parts — adaptations to foraging on flowers of emu-bushes, which […]

Africanized Honey Bees Continue to Spread in California


A study conducted by biologists at UC San Diego has found that the Africanized honey bee — an aggressive insect that is a hybrid of honey bees from Africa and from Europe — is continuing to expand its range northward since its introduction into Southern California in 1994. The study, published in this week’s edition […]