2015 YouTube Your Entomology Contest Finalists

Starting in 2009, the Entomological Society of America (ESA) has held an annual “YouTube Your Entomology” contest. The contest gives ESA members the opportunity to showcase their talents and creativity through video.

The winner and the runner-up each receive a “Stinger” award, as well as cash prizes of $400 for the winner, and $200 for the runner-up.

This year there were 25 video submissions, and the judging committee has chosen five as finalists. The winner and runner-up will be announced Sunday, November 15 at the Plenary Session of Entomology 2015 in Minneapolis.

The five finalists, in no particular order, are:

“A Pictorial Ode to Insect Flight” by Karl Foord, University of Minnesota

“Anatomy of a Mosquito Part 1: The structures of the head” by Kristen Healy and Matt Faust, Louisiana State University.

“(A)synchrony – An Untimely Problem” by Michael Falk and Jeremy Hemberger, University of Wisconsin

“Escape from the Jaws of Death!” by Adrian Smith, Fredrick Larabee, and Andrew Suarez, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

“Identification of Parasitized Alfalfa Caterpillars” by Petr Kosina, UC IPM; Rachael Long, UCCE Yolo County; and Ray Lucas, UC ANR Communication Services

Click here to watch all 25 video submissions.

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