Entomologists Talk About Twitter at Entomology 2015

By Derek Woller

Twitter — some love it and some are indifferent, but I think we can all agree that it’s rapidly changing how people communicate with one another on a global scale, particularly when it comes to science. In this video, I challenge three of the most prolific entomological tweeters in North America — Gwen Pearson (@bug_gwen), Morgan Jackson (@BioInFocus), and Derek Hennen (@derekhennen) — to convince the non-tweeting masses why they should get on board with this innovative science express.

Full disclosure: I DO NOT use Twitter, but I am now honestly leaning towards taking the electronic plunge.

Click here for Parts II and III.

Derek A. Woller

Derek A. Woller is a PhD candidate in the Song Lab of Insect Systematics and Evolution at Texas A&M University. His research is focused on attempting to better comprehend the speciation process in a fascinating group of scrub-lovin’ grasshoppers confined to xeric habitats in the southeastern U.S. He has aspirations of working as a curator or collections manager in a museum someday. Until then, in his spare time (of which he typically has none), he makes videos like these and enjoys doing outreach events with the public.


  1. You should! It is a great way to communicate your research to an interested audience & a way to see interesting new articles that other people tweet.

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