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Entomologists Talk About Twitter at Entomology 2015

By Derek Woller

Twitter — some love it and some are indifferent, but I think we can all agree that it’s rapidly changing how people communicate with one another on a global scale, particularly when it comes to science. In this video, I challenge three of the most prolific entomological tweeters in North America — Gwen Pearson (@bug_gwen), Morgan Jackson (@BioInFocus), and Derek Hennen (@derekhennen) — to convince the non-tweeting masses why they should get on board with this innovative science express.

Full disclosure: I DO NOT use Twitter, but I am now honestly leaning towards taking the electronic plunge.

Click here for Parts II and III.

Derek A. Woller

Derek A. Woller is a PhD candidate in the Song Lab of Insect Systematics and Evolution at Texas A&M University. His research is focused on attempting to better comprehend the speciation process in a fascinating group of scrub-lovin’ grasshoppers confined to xeric habitats in the southeastern U.S. He has aspirations of working as a curator or collections manager in a museum someday. Until then, in his spare time (of which he typically has none), he makes videos like these and enjoys doing outreach events with the public.

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