Videos of Leafcutter Ants Show Their Division of Labor

Leafcutter ants may be the world’s first farmers. They basically collect leaves, bring them into their nests, and then eat the fungus that grows on the leaves. Now scientists have videotaped never-before-seen views of leafcutter ants at work processing leaves and growing their food supply. In a paper published in the journal Royal Society Open […]

Bed Bugs Have Developed Resistance to Neonicotinoids


By Richard Levine An article published in the Journal of Medical Entomology is the first to report that bed bugs have developed resistance to a class of insecticides known as neonicotinoids, or neonics, the shortened name. Neonics are the most widely used group of insecticides today, and several products have been developed for bed bug […]

International Entomologists to Collaborate on Controlling Zika, Chikungunya, and Dengue in Brazil

Click here to read this in Portuguese. Click here to read this in Spanish. On March 13, 2016, in Maceió, Alagoas, Brazil, the Entomological Society of America (ESA) and the Sociedade Entomológica do Brasil (SEB) will host a gathering of the world’s entomological societies to discuss collaborative control options to combat one of the world’s […]

Large New Species of Harvestman Only the Second in Its Genus

Harvestmen are arachnids that are often mistaken for spiders. However, they are not even in the same order — spiders belong to Araneae, while harvestmen belong to Opiliones. In the U.S., harvestmen are often called “daddy-longlegs” and are sometimes mistaken for cellar spiders in the family Pholcidae. A newly discovered species, however, does not resemble […]

Bed Bugs that Feed Are More Likely to Survive Pesticide Exposure

By Josh Lancette Many studies have been done on how effective certain pesticides are when they are applied to bed bugs. However, most have not allowed the bed bugs to take a blood meal after being exposed to pesticides, which can change the mortality rates, according to an article in the Journal of Medical Entomology. […]