GAT Mosquito Traps Can Be Effective Even without Pesticides

By Ed Ricciuti With Zika, dengue, and chikungunya spreading, and yellow fever re-emerging, health workers are ramping up surveillance of the ubiquitous Aedes aegypti mosquito that carries these arboviral diseases. Several types of traps and killing agents are available for collecting the insects, but there is a catch: the gear now employed is often too […]

The World’s Deepest Flying Insect Lives in Complete Darkness with No Food or Sex

Deep below the Velebit mountains of Southern Croatia, 1,431 meters under ground, lies the Lukina Jama cave system, the 14th deepest cave in the world. In the last decade, this cave has received much attention by cave scientists for its comparatively rich fauna of strictly subterranean animals, including subterranean leeches and a translucent snail species […]

USDA to Release Russian Wasps Against the Emerald Ash Borer

With the emerald ash borer beetle devastating ash tree populations throughout the United States, solutions to help fight the insect are critical. Thanks in part to research from the University of Delaware and the USDA’s Agricultural Research Service, a host-specific parasitoid wasp from Russia — Spathius galinae — has been approved for release to help […]

Biological Control in Brazil is Used on an Area that is Larger than Belgium

By Alexandre Diniz, José Roberto Postali Parra, and Aloisio Coelho Jr. Some biological control programs involve large-scale rearing of millions insect predators that are released near agricultural crops. In Brazil, researchers have implemented of a number of successful biological control programs. Brazil is the world’s largest producer of sugarcane, which has one of the oldest […]

New Species of Quill Mite Is an Ectoparasite of Owls

By Josh Lancette A team of researchers from Poland and Germany have discovered four new species and one new genus of quill mites that are ectoparasites of owls. All of the specimens were collected from dry owl skins in museum collections, and the descriptions are published in the Journal of Medical Entomology. The new species […]