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A New Species of Ant Found in Cambodia

A new species of ant has been discovered in Cambodia by researchers from Japan. Its name is Crematogaster indosinensis, and it is described in Annals of the Entomological Society of America.

During the researchers’ field surveys, they collected one colony that contained four worker ants of the new species. The new species was described based on these workers.

In most Crematogaster species, the workers have 11 segments on their antennae. However, there are some species that only have 10, and this new species is the first 10-segmented species to be found in the Indochina region.

Interestingly, the workers also exhibit polymorphism, meaning they do not all have the same size or form. In fact, the largest worker had a head that was nearly twice as wide as the smallest worker’s head.

The head of a large Crematogaster indosinensis worker (left) and of a small worker (right).

The new species was given the name indosinensis in honor of the region in which it was discovered.

Read more at:

Discovery of a New Crematogaster Species with 10-Segmented Antennae From the Indochina Region, With Description of the Species and Its Phylogenetic Position (Hymenoptera: Formicidae)

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