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Entomologists Talk Twitter at ICE 2016

Tyler Wist (Twitter handle: @TylerWist1), an entomologist at Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, went to the ESA Tweetup at the 2016 International Congress of Entomology. The Tweetup is a chance for people who communicate via Twitter to meet each other face to face. Tyler spoke with Scott Meers (Twitter handle: @ABbugcounter) about how he uses Twitter to communicate with 2,000 Canadian farmers during a weekly twitter hour called AB Bug Chat.

He also spoke with Charlie Bailey (Twitter handle: @Baileyensis) from the University of Regina, Lauren Diepenbrock (Twitter handle: @LMDiepenbrock) from North Carolina State University, Gwen Pearson (Twitter handle: @bug_gwen), Adrian Smith (Twitter handle: @smadriant), Miles Zhang (Twitter handle: @ymilesz), and Morgan Jackson (Twitter handle: @BioInFocus).

See the videos below:

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  1. Hi I’m 14 years old I’ve always been fascinated by insects! I decided I wanted to become an Entomologist at 7 years old. I have so many questions about insects, my twitter handle is @BriPhiO I’d love to have a conversation with an Entomologist

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