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A Rookie’s View of ICE 2016 and the Triplehorn Pinning Challenge

Lee William Noel, a graduate student at the University of Wyoming, recently attended his first-ever entomology meeting — the 2016 International Congress of Entomology, which was probably the largest gathering of insect scientists in the world — and he was drafted as a volunteer videographer to capture the experience.

“I felt like a Little League-er at a Major League Baseball trial for the majority of the time here,” he said. “But when I had a chance to make a documentary, I jumped at the opportunity because I thought I had a good perspective on what I could share.”

Lee manages to capture the enormity of the meeting, and he also focuses on the Triplehorn ICE Pinning Challenge, a contest where entomologists compete in the craft of pinning insects:

To read more about the Triplehorn Pinning Challenge, which was started by the North Central Branch of the Entomological Society of America, click here.

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