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Science Communication and Social Media at ICE 2016

During the 2016 International Congress of Entomology in Orlando, Florida, a symposium called “Weaving Your Web: Science Communication and Social Media for Insect Scientists” was held.

Three of the speakers — Aaron Pomerantz (with Mike Bentley), Rayda Krell, Carly M. Tribull — allowed their presentations to be videotaped, which you can see below.

Aaron Pomerantz spoke about how he and Mike Bentley evolved from graduate students in the lab to becoming heavily involved in science communication, and how it has made positive impacts on their research and their careers.

Carly Tribull gave examples of comics that she has utilized in her outreach initiatives and explains the process that goes into each comic. She also talked about how how these comics can be utilized in classrooms, museums, and as a tool of social media to generate conversations about major issues in science.

Finally, Rayda Krell talked about communicating with policy makers and discusses how to formulate a strategy to advocate for policy and gives examples from interactions between scientists and policy makers.

Watch the videos below:

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