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Entomologist Discusses Her Work in STEM Career Podcast

Cephalotes varians

A podcast aimed at educating young people about careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) recently featured an entomologist, Dr. Corrie Moreau of Chicago’s Field Museum of Natural History.

The STEMxm podcast focuses on the opportunities available through STEM careers, with a particular focus on women in STEM fields. Most episodes feature individuals working in STEM who discusses how they choose their area of specialty, their education and background, and recommendations for success in that field.

A recent episode spotlighted Moreau’s work and advice on careers in entomology. During the interview, Moreau discusses why she was drawn to entomology as a career path, why ants and other insects are great organisms for scientific study, her work at the Field Museum and current research, the importance of diversity in science, and what she finds most rewarding in her work.

To learn more about a career in entomology or provide information for others who may be interested in the entomological sciences, visit Moreau’s episode on the STEMxm podcast website or iTunes.


Photo credit: Cephalotes varians, Dr. Corrie Moreau’s favorite insect. Photo by April Nobile and available from, at

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