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Highlights From Reddit Science’s Honey Bee AMA

honey bees

On February 14, the Reddit Science community posed questions about honey bees to two expert entomologists. (Photo credit: Terry Harrison, University of Illinois)

Last week, the Reddit Science community welcomed University of Illinois entomologists May Berenbaum, Ph.D., immediate past president of the Entomological Society of America, and Gene Robinson, Ph.D., an ESA Fellow, for an “Ask Me Anything” discussion about honey bees.

Berenbaum and Robinson answered a slew of questions submitted by commenters. Below are a few highlights:

On behavioral changes of bees when stressed or excited:

On the conflicting views on the role neonicotinoids play in pollinator declines:

On concern about a link between fungicides and slowing honey bee metabolism:

On “the coolest fact about honey bees”:

Be sure to read the full “Honey Bee AMA” on Reddit Science.

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