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Playlist: The Wonderful World of Entomology

Wonderful World of Entomology Playlist Screenshot

As the March for Science nears, the Entomological Society of America has curated a new playlist of videos on the ESA YouTube channel to showcase some of the fascinating and important work that entomologists do and their incredible discoveries about the lives of insects.

If you’re an entomologist who wants to advocate for entomology and educate those less familiar, you can turn to these videos to showcase insect science.

If you’re heading to the March for Science and want an energy boost for a day of advocacy, watch these videos to remind yourself just how cool your profession is.

And if you’re not an entomologist but you want to get a glimpse into the world of entomology, start here.

Many of these videos are past finalists of ESA’s Annual “YouTube Your Entomology Contest. ” Entries for the 2017 contest are open now. And check out the ESA YouTube channel for much, much more.

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