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Recap: ESA Webinar on Science Advocacy

The upcoming March for Science will be a day of energy and enthusiasm for the critical value of science to society, but change will be measured over a much greater timeframe. That’s why scientists should equip themselves with the tools and know-how to effectively engage the public, media, and lawmakers on both specific research topics and broader themes of science.

To that end, the Entomological Society of America hosted an online webinar for insect scientists to prepare for the March for Science and learn tips for interacting with legislators and journalists on behalf of entomology. Speakers included:

  • Chris Stelzig, ESA Director of Strategic Initiatives
  • Erin Cadwalader, Jason Gallagher, and Nick Saab from Lewis-Burke Associates
  • Emily Cloyd, Project Director for Public Engagement at the American Association for the Advancement of Science

View the full webinar recording above, as well as just a few of the many valuable slides from the presentations highlighted below. Also see handouts from the webinar:

ESA and March for Science principles

Chris Stelzig explained that the Entomological Society of America supports the March for Science because of the organizations’ common goals. (Click to zoom)

Impact of Advocacy Strategies

Erin Cadwalader encouraged ESA members participating in the March for Science to carry their energy forward into engagement with policymakers in government, noting that in-person visits deliver the most impact. (Click to zoom)

keys to good a interview

Emily Cloyd shared practical advice for speaking with journalists about science and offered a litany of tips for making a greater impact in media interactions. (Click to zoom)

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