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Watch the Five Finalist Videos in the 2017 YouTube Your Entomology Contest

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A video about the symbiotic relationship between a tree and ant species is one of five finalists in ESA’s 2017 YouTube Your Entomology Contest.

At Entomology 2017—which starts exactly two months from today, by the way—the results of ESA’s 2017 YouTube Your Entomology Contest will be announced. Today, the five finalists have been named, and we’re sharing them here on Entomology Today.

Since 2009, ESA has hosted its annual video contest, which has drawn submissions from a broad range of entomologists on a wide variety of topics, to promote the use of video to showcase the world of insect science. In 2017, 35 entomology videos were submitted for consideration (see the full playlist of entries). Judges narrowed down the entrants to five finalists, which you can watch below.

The winner, runner-up, and three honorable mentions will be announced from among these five at the Awards Breakfast on Tuesday, November 7, at Entomology 2017.

Bt Sweet Corn: Is It Safe to Eat?
By Galen Dively, Ian Howard, and Taylor Schulden, University of Maryland

The Soil Food Web
By Maxwell Helmberger, Cornell University

Ant Plants: Cecropia – Azteca Symbiosis
By Peter Marting, Arizona State University; and Andrew Quitmeyer, National University of Singapore

Method to Create a “Window” Into a Butterfly Wing
By Aaron Pomerantz, University of California, Berkeley

The Odd Couples: Pollinators
By Ethel M. Villalobos, University of Hawaii Manoa; Jonathan Wright, Hazard Design; and Jonathan Koch, University of Hawaii Hilo

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