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filter method for finding spotted-wing drosophila

filter method for finding spotted-wing drosophila

Follow these steps to sample fruit for Drosophila suzukii larvae: (A) Collect 8–16 oz (237–473 ml) of ripe berries; (B) place berries in a 1 gallon resealable plastic bag and lightly crush berries; (C) add salt water to berries, place bag upright in a plastic bin, and incubate for 1 h; (D) pour salt water and berries into course filter funnel and rinse berries off to wash larvae into reusable coffee filter; (E) use microscope or other magnifier to view larvae in the coffee filter; and (F) count the number of larvae in the bottom of the filter. (Images originally published in Van Timmeren et al. 2017, Journal of Integrated Pest Management)

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