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Why One Entomologist Had to Become a “Coordination Gladiator”

Machtinger mouse sampling

White-footed mice are a reservoir host for Borrelia burgdorferi, the causative agent of Lyme disease. Here, entomologist Erika Machtinger, Ph.D., takes a tissue sample from a captured mouse to be tested for B. burgdorferi and other pathogens, part of a tick-control field study Machtinger managed in her postdoctoral research position. (Photo credit: Andrew Li)

By Rob Morrison, Ph.D.

Editor’s Note: This post marks the start of a new series by the Entomological Society of America’s Early Career Professionals (ECP) Committee, highlighting outstanding ECPs that are doing great work in the profession. (An ECP is defined as anyone within the first five years of obtaining their terminal degree in their field.) We’ve titled this series “Standout ECPs” and will be drawing on individuals that have won ECP awards from ESA. Learn more about the work ECPs are doing within ESA, and stay tuned for future posts in the Standout ECPs series.

Erika Machtinger, Ph.D.

Erika Machtinger, Ph.D.

Erika Machtinger, Ph.D., is a new assistant professor at Penn State University, working in disease biology and veterinary entomology. Erika was the 2017 recipient of ESA’s ECP Teaching Award, and she previously served with distinction on the ESA ECP Committee. Below, we ask her a few short questions about her research, and we hope that you’ll enjoy learni