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Mimeresia neavei comparison to Mimeresia libentina

Mimeresia neavei comparison to Mimeresia libentina

A: Mimeresia libentina with entirely closed wings hanging on a twig showing the cryptic or aposematic ventral wing surface pattern (photo credit: Adrian Hoskins). B: Mimeresia neavei resting on tree-trunk during displaying similar behavior (photo credt: Raimund Schutte). C: M. libentina, one of the congeneric species sharing habitat with M. neavei, resting on leaf surface and displaying warning coloration (photo credit: Peter Bygate). D: M. neavei perching on a tree-trunk covered by mosses and lichens exposing the dorsal wing surface structural blue coloration (photo credit: Raimund Schutte). (Images originally published in Bálint et al 2018, Journal of Insect Science)

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