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diversity of Acrididae grasshoppers

diversity of Acrididae grasshoppers

Diversity of Acrididae: (A) Anacridium aegyptium, (B) Dactylotum bicolor Charpentier, (C) Kosciuscola tristis, (D) Adimantus ornatissimus, (E) Calliptamus italicus, (F) Proctolabus mexicanus, (G) Marellia remipes, (H) Paulinia acuminata, (I) Acrida sp., (J) Hylopedetes surdus , (K) Trimerotropis pallidipennis, (L) Stenopola puncticeps, (M) Rhammatocerus pictus, (N) Abracris flavolineata,
(O) Hemiacris fervens. (Photo credits. A, E, I, N: Ruben Foquet; B, O: Ricardo Mariño-Pérez; C, J: Hojun Song; D, L, M: Maria Marta Cigliano; F, K: Paolo Fontana; G, H: Juan Manuel Cardona. Originally published in Song et al 2018, Insect Systematics and Diversity)

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