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brown marmorated stink bug sticky panel trap

brown marmorated stink bug sticky panel trap

A new study conducted across 115 sites in 18 states in the U.S. shows a clear sticky-panel trap using the aggregation pheromone of the brown marmorated stink bug (Halyomorpha halys) as a lure to be a reliable tool for monitoring local populations of the bug in various agricultural and environmental settings. (Photo courtesy of Tracy Leskey, Ph.D.)


    • Bev, get a spray bottle with dish sudsy soap. Soak them good. They will die within 15 seconds. The suds suffocate them. I have a bottle on my patio and 1 in my garage.

  1. Go get yourself some”Talstar”, only product I know of that kills stinkbugs. Buy locally at chemical company that sells to farmers or buy online. Costs about 35.00 for 3/4 gal concentrate for use in a sprayer. Mix ratio 1.3 oz / gal water. Kills all bugs, spiders, ticks, fleas etc… Safe for kids and pets once dry (dries quickly). Use indoors and outdoors. I spray my whole house excluding the Windows, best part is it dries completely CLEAR. You literally cannot see it on vinyl siding, metal siding, stone, brick, anywhere when dry. 1 container will last you 3 or more years. Don’t let it freeze or it looses it’s strength. I spray in spring and then in early September before the onslaught of stinkbugs. They lay dead everywhere. Also it will kill bugs for a year indoors, I spray in spring and the following spring when bugs show up, I find them dead in my garage. I apply accordingly if we get heavy rain. Good luck

  2. I recently moved to Lancaster, SC from a place called Marion, SC, my father’s hometown. Originally from Brooklyn, NY. Anyway, never seen so called stink bug until in the south but was green and on the porch with other crickters all had to do sweep off porch never came in the house. Getting back to Lancaster noticed, they were around window but look grey and ancient looking. I freak out cause never seen inside even sitting on stove like own the place. Got rid of them. Niw6 this was last October, now finding out they come around this time. Flying all in front of apartment. have a lot if trees around but trees everywhere. I read they came from places like Asia, Been habinating in certain trees now looking for cozy place to keep warm. I freaked out to now see them come out like termites. Killed one sitting in my frying pan like saying, yea I’m back, what’s up. I smashed it as I read they secrete that smell. I had to use broom and wasp spray so can get out the door. Trying best keep from getting the apartment. Paranoid, don’t like bugs they don’t bite but ugly, nusiance and I don’t like them… They will make me move. Landlord won’t help. I said all this because this website came up from know where maybe because I’ve been googling about them. I was so astonished to read other people having worst problem. I talk to people here some know about them some they don’t seem to bother. They even talk about lady bug infestation. Insects taking over. Even red ants. U got rid of those nasty roaches, see large black ants come in. Had throw bed oit didn’t know vampire bed bugs were eaten me up. Probably from storage unit. Not to mentioned also battling blood sucking mosquitoes.

    I know I said a lot but to read how others having worst problem and find solutions is a blessing. I can’t afford to move, affordable rentals very hard to find. Just moved here cause low rent. Will keep reading. Wish all the best in this fight over insect destruction and control. Man is enough!!

  3. Invading any Crack in the wall looking for winter hide out. They are every where. Millions of them in Allentown NJ right Now…

  4. Yeah Larry………..they are every where. I tell my brother in Mississippi and he says they got them and he does not do anything about them. Here in the Midwest I load up a squirt bottle with alot of dish soap and water, shake it good to make bubbles and squirt them. The suds suffocate them and they die within seconds

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