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Eastern grape leafhooper (Erythroneura comes)

Eastern grape leafhooper (Erythroneura comes)

The eastern grape leafhopper (Erythroneura comes) is a key pest of grapes in central and northeastern United States and Canada.
Shown here in early instar (A), late instar (B), and adult (C) stages, eastern grape leafhoppers feed on an extensive range of plants, weeds, and grasses before finding and feeding on the new foliage of grapevines. Although they are able to thrive feeding and mating on many other host plants, they are only known to oviposit (lay eggs) on wild and cultivated grape. A new guide in the Journal of Integrated Pest Management profiles the eastern grape leafhopper and outlines a variety of IPM methods for managing the common pest of North American vineyards. (Image by Kevin Jarrell, originally published in Jarrell et al 2020, Journal of Integrated Pest Management)

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