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Spotted Lanternfly Habitat

Spotted Lanternfly Habitat

Ongoing observations of spotted lanternfly (Lycorma delicatula) activity in North America, combined with a renewed analysis of existing research on the insect, brings the worldwide total of plants the insect will feed on to 103—of which 56 are present in North America. Claire Ciafré, researcher with NatureCITE: Center for Integrative Taxonomy and Ecology, notes common that habitat like this railroad corridor can serve as hotspots for spotted lanternfly activity. This location host plants oriental bittersweet, wild grape, Virginia creeper, and tree of heaven are all present—and researchers, in fact, found spotted lanternflies on the tree of heaven. (Photo courtesy of Claire Ciafré)

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  1. I live in south Philly the vacant behind me has a tree of heaven , and virginia creeper .
    Yesterday & today atleast 24 SLF have met their demise.

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