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dung beetles perching

dung beetles perching

Research on dung beetle behavior shows many species, especially smaller ones, choose a “sit and wait” strategy for finding food, while only larger ones actively search for food by following animals. A pair of biologists suggest this behavior is a resource-partitioning strategy to reduce competition for scarce food. Shown here are dung beetles from different “guilds” perching on leaves: big tunneler Oxysternon conspicillatum (21.5 mm, male), top left; small tunneler Canthidium splendidum (6.2 mm, female), top right; small roller Canthon luteicollis (9.8 mm, female), bottom left; and medium dweller Eurysternus hamaticollis (15.6 mm, female), bottom right. (Image orginally published in Noriega and Vulinec 2020, Annals of the Entomological Society of America)

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