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Best of 2021 on Entomology Today

Best of 2021 on Entomology Today

The subjects of top posts on Entomology Today in 2021 included a look at the pros and cons of two different methods for testing potential bed bug repellents (top left), a study on the temperature swings common in classic wooden bee hive boxes (top right), a county-by-county risk rating for establishment of the invasive giant hornet Vespa mandarinia across four states in the Pacific Northwest (bottom left), and research on the potential of DNA analysis of stink bugs’ gut contents to identify the plants they’ve eaten in the preceding two weeks. (Bed bug photo by Gary Alpert, Harvard University,; hive box photo by Rebekah D. Wallace, University of Georgia,; map image originally published in Norderud et al 2021, Journal of Insect Science; stink bug photo by Jack Rabin, Rutgers NJ Agric. Expt. Station,

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