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Four Mothers of Entomology

Four Mothers of Entomology

Four notable women in the history of entomology warrant the informal title of “mother” of particular fields. Clockwise from top left: Margaret James Strickland Collins, Mother of Termite Ecology; Clara Southmayd Ludlow, Mother of Medical Entomology; Mary Talbot, Mother of Myrmecology; and Eleanor Anne Ormerod: Mother of Agricultural Entomology. (Collins photo by Herbert and Veronica Collins, originally published in Lewis 2016Florida Entomologist. Ludlow public domain photo via U.S. Library of Congress. Talbot photo originally published in “A Myrmecologist’s Life: An Appreciation of Mary Talbot,” by Paul B. Kannowski, appendix to The Natural History of the Ants of Michigan’s E. S. George Reserve, Miscellaneous Publications. Museum of Zoology, University of Michigan, 2012. Republished with permission. Ormerod public domain photo via Wikimedia Commons.)

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