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Jacqueline Serrano beetle

Jacqueline Serrano, wearing blacks sunglasses and a gray shirt, holds both hands together in front of her torso as a large beetle walks on her hands. the beetle has two long horns on its head, one above the other, the upper horn longer than the lower one. the upper horn is longer than the rest of the beetle's body. in total the beetle is roughly as long as the width of Serrano's hand. the beetle's horns are black, while its body is light greenish-brown with small black spots.

Meet Jacqueline Serrano, Ph.D., entomologist and chemical ecologist at the USDA Agricultural Research Service and subject of the next installment of our “Standout Early Career Professionals” series. Here, Serrano holds male southwestern hercules beetle (Dynastes granti) at the Riverside Insect Fair in Riverside, California, an event co-organized by the Entomology Department at the University of California, Riverside. “I always enjoyed volunteering my time for this event to show the public how cool entomology is!” Serrano says.

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