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comic strip graphical abstract

Comic strip. In first panel, two flies face each other with a heart symbol, with text "primary screwworms find love in a hopeless place...". Next panel shows same flies facing away from each other, with crossed circle over the heart symbol. Next panels show female fly thinking about larva in a wound and then laying eggs in a deer wound. Next panel shows larva in wound with thought bubble cloud reading "MUM???" Below is female fly upside down with a skull icon above it. Next panel shows larva in leaf litter with text "Growing up alone is..." Final panel shows just female fly, with text "Looking for love..."

Figure 4. This comic strip graphical abstract was designed using PowerPoint and BioRender. Of course, some of the previous pitfalls discussed in the other infographics were brought again to the table for discussion. However, this graphical abstract brought the most laughter and opened a lot of dialogue about having fun with our science while communicating a message.

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