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infographic graphical abstract

A detailed inforgraphic depicting the sterile insect technique, titled "Sterile insect technique: Control of primary screwworm." At far left is a picture of a fly next to a "radiation" icon. Next is a cycle diagram showing with text "primary screwworm lifecycle." Next is the same cycle diagram with a crossed circle over the section with a female fly laying eggs in a deer wound, with text "Sterile Insect Technique Reduces Female Oviposition." Then an equal sign leads to the final section with icon images of a deer and a cow, with text "Interruption of screwworm life cycle is successful protecting ungulates significantly."

Figure 3. This infographic graphical abstract was designed using PowerPoint and Biorender. Workshop attendees noted the cultural underpinnings of some of the images, the mixture of iconography and graphical impact, and the use of the text making it difficult to fully absorb and appreciate the graphical abstract’s message.

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