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Lawrence Reeves, Ph.D.

under a gray sky, a man wearing a white t-shirt, gray pants, sunglasses, a small yellow backpack, and tall rubber boots stands in ankle-deep water in a wetland environment, surrounded by tall green grass and taller vegetation beyond. with both hands he holds a large cylindrical device, the front half of which is translucent plastic, while the back half is gray metal. he is point it downward toward the water, holding the end near the surface.

Lawrence Reeves, Ph.D., is an entomologist and research assistant scientist at the University of Florida’s Florida Medical Entomology Laboratory. Researchers and mosquito management professionals like Reeves collect samples of mosquitoes across the state to monitor where mosquito species are present and whether new species are entering the state. Here, Reeves uses a large device called an aspirator—”much like a vacuum,” he says—to collect mosquitoes from a wetland habitat. (Photo courtesy of Lawrence Reeves, Ph.D.)

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