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Cole Baril with mosquito trap

A man in a light gray t-shirt, gray shorts, and red shoes stands near two medium-sized trees in a field. Hanging from a tree branch next to the man is a mosquito trap with a black horizontal plate on top, a small light below, and a white cylindrical net below that. On the ground is a silver carbon-dioxide tank connected to the trap by a thin clear hose.

While a graduate researcher at Brandon University, Cole Baril led a study analyzing genetic signatures of microbes found in mosquitoes collected via traps, such as shown here. Baril and colleagues report finding black queen cell virus, a common scourge of honey bees, in the sampled mosquitoes. The mosquitoes likely acquired it while foraging for nectar at the same plants as bees, but it’s unclear if mosquitoes have any role in spreading it among bees. (Photo courtesy of Bryan Cassone, Ph.D.)

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