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Alix Whitener, Ph.D.

Two-part image: At left, a woman in a pink button-down shirt, jeans, and sunglasses, stands in a field of wheat while looking at her phone and a piece of paper in her hand. At right, a woman wearing a purple long-sleeve shirt, black athletic pants, black running shoes, a white ballcap with a red brim, and a small red backpack runs along a trail near a river with a bridge in the background.

Both work and play get entomologist Alix Whitener, Ph.D., outdoors. At left, Whitener, U.S. field development manager at FMC Corporation, visits a field where FMC was testing methods for managing wheat rust. At right, she runs in her first 50-kilometer trail race, near Deception Pass in Washington. (Photo courtesy of Alix Whitener, Ph.D.)

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