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Edible Insects MOOC

Digitally illustrated promotional image for the Edible Insects online course. Across the top center is the title "Edible Insects" with subtitle "Everything You Need to Know About the Future of Food" appearing below the corresponding text in Chinese. At bottom is "Coursera" with accompanying Chinese text. At top left are logos for National Taiwan University MOOC and NTU's Digital Learning Center. At the center of the image is a cartoon version of professor Matan Shelomi, Ph.D. with red hair and beard and a gray t-shirt. At left is an illustration of a hamburger and at right is an image of a taco with cooked insects and a bottle of sauce with a mealworm on the side.

The first-ever massive open online course (MOOC) on edible insects was launched in March, based on a popular university course at National Taiwan University led by entomologist Matan Shelomi, Ph.D. The course covers everything from why people eat or avoid certain foods to the diversity of edible insects worldwide, as well as the pros and cons, how to farm and cook and sell insects, and other insect products outside of food. (Image by National Taiwan University Center for Teaching and Learning Development & Digital Learning Center)

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