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Collage image of 16 cockroach specimens viewed from overhead on a white background, with the back of a U.S. dime for scale. Specimens 1-4 are grouped together under the title "Blattidae." Specimens 5-10 are grouped together under the title "Ectobiidae." And specimens 11-16 are under the title "Blaberidae."

Bacteria in the genus Wolbachia are commonly found living within insects, but their presence in cockroaches has not been thoroughly explored. A new study finds Wolbachia in four of 16 cockroach species across three families, and researchers hope further study may open doors to new management methods for pest cockroach species. The cockroach species examined in the study include: 1. Eurycotis floridana, 2. Blatta lateralis, 3. Periplaneta fuliginosa, 4. Periplaneta americana, 5. Balta notulata*, 6. Supella longipalpa*, 7. Blattella germanica, 8. Blattella asahinai, 9. Blattella vaga, 10. Pseudomops septentrionalis*, 11. Nauphoeta cinerea, 12. Gromphadorhina portentosa*, 13. Diploptera punctata, 14. Schultesia lampyridiformis, 15. Blaptica dubia, and 16. Leucophaea maderae. Species in red in the image and starred in this caption were found to harbor Wolbachia. (Image by Seun Oladipupo, Ph.D.)

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