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fungus gnats on sticky trap

Closeup image of the surface of a yellow sticky trap, on which 13 fungus gnats are stuck. The gnats are all dark in color, with clear long narrow abdomens and smoky translucent wings that are slightly longer than their abdomens. The flies are all laying in various skewed positions, stuck in the adhesive of the trap.

In a study of the abundance “nuisance arthropods”—defined as any arthropods other than cockroaches or bed bugs—in homes, researchers at Rutgers University used sticky traps to sample arthropod abundance in over 1,500 apartments in New Jersey. Flies were the most abundant nuisance arthropod caught, and among flies, the most common (42 percent) were fungus gnats, such as these gnats in the genus Bradysia. (Photo by Whitney Cranshaw, Colorado State University,

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